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Heritage IDA Throttle Bodies by Jenvey

TDA2Q 001Classic looks with modern performance, the Jenvey TDA2 IDA style throttle bodies look great on American and Aussie V8 downdraft manifolds, popular in 1960's and 1970's road racing.

The Jenvey Heritage IDA throttle body comes in TDA2Q-48 and TDA2Q-50 mm bore options. This is a twin throttle body set up to suit 8 cylinder engines (four throttle bodies required).

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Classic Throttle Alfa Twin Cam

Festival_automobile_international_2011_-_Vente_aux_enchères_-_Moteur_Alfa_Romeo_TZ_-_1965_02.jpgThe Alfa Twin Cam is one of those classic engines that was the mainstay of Alfa Romeo for decades.

The Busso designed engine is most popular in it's 2 litre format as found in various GTV 9105 and 166 series) and Giuletta models although it was made in sizes from 1.2 up to 2.1L

The two litre version had a 84mm bore/88.5mm stroke and is the most popular with many smaller capacity engines converted to this.

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Ford Small Block 289/302W Quad IDF EFI Kits

72594456 2827498407526018 6727585512019722240 n 1The Ford 302 small block, or Windsor, is used in everything from kits cars to street rods. One of the most iconic looks of all for this engine is the quad IDF intake with eight alloy bell mouths as found fitted to GT40's, AC Cobras and many road racing cars of the era.

Our new EFI Retrofit kit combines classic looks with real modern performance. No more leaky float bowls or dodgy cold starting and a better power spread than any comparable intake setup around.

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