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Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport Engineering

Lap Simulation Services

RCEV18N2 Dampers-C Fig3Lap simulation has become the "must have" set up tool for professional racing teams around the globe. As Chassissim distributors, Competition Systems have been at the forefront of this new and exciting field for nearly seven years. Now, we can offer advanced vehicle dynamic modelling services to competitors from al fields.


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Wiring Harness Design And Build

Wiring web 002Every aspect of our engine control and logging systems use the very best interconnection systems to ensure a long and trouble free life even under the harshest of testing conditions. Competition Systems provide a comprehensive motorsport wiring harness service which is tailored to the customers requirements in terms of performance and cost.


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Data Analysis

Wintax4 2012 TEAM 002Data analysis can be a complex and specialist task which many racing organisations struggle to come to grips with. Competition Systems can supply one of our specially trained data analysis engineers to assist you with your motorsport project.

Engineers can be hired for the weekend or just for a test day.

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