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Engine Tuning

Cam Timing Guide

camshaft1aSetting the cam timing of an engine using the Lift @ TDC values rather than the peak angle is a much simpler and faster way of correctly timing the camshafts.


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Durations explained

camshafts 240pxThis week we have an informative article from Cat Cams explaining the concept of camshaft duration and how it's measured. This is a little different to the traditional way that American camshafts are advertised so it may be worth while to make sure you understand the distinctions.


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Microtec neutral light

Monster InstrumentsWe've randomly been getting some Ducati's with a problem of the neutral light staying on dimly when the bike isn't in neutral after being fitted with a Microtec M197. Here's a quick fix for anyone else with this issue.



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