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Classic Throttle Alfa Twin Cam

Festival_automobile_international_2011_-_Vente_aux_enchères_-_Moteur_Alfa_Romeo_TZ_-_1965_02.jpgThe Alfa Twin Cam is one of those classic engines that was the mainstay of Alfa Romeo for decades.

The Busso designed engine is most popular in it's 2 litre format as found in various GTV 9105 and 166 series) and Giuletta models although it was made in sizes from 1.2 up to 2.1L

The two litre version had a 84mm bore/88.5mm stroke and is the most popular with many smaller capacity engines converted to this.

Jenvey TDP45 Heritage Throttle Body set

The NORD twin cams already had a DCOE pattern inlet manifold which will accept the TDP45 Heritage TB's wthout modification. The choice of 45mm allows for 

Compsystems Classic Throttle Engine Harness (PN 79-103A)

The main connections that need to be made to the rest of the car are the chassis/dash and power connections. Everything else is connected to the engine.