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Chassissim Release V3.43

RPM Volt MapThe latest in full transient vehicle dynamics software now includes innovations such as used tyre energy and improvements to the seven post shaker rig.

The V3.43 update incorporates the following,

  • Shaker Rig is now added to the scripting.
  • Instant Centre/Swing Arm length analysis dialog added to the suspension geometry point
  • *New suspension types added and Bug fixes for Suspension Geometry dialo
  • Traction Control now added for DIL
  • Changes to Hybrid to deal with new FIA Hypercar Regulations and bug fixes.
  • Roll bar spring/damper and bump rubber now added.
  • For the scripting aeromaps can now be entered as a percentage and factor.
  • Aero bottoming feature added.
  • Hysterisis springs now added to the scripting
  • Individual gear rev limits now added to the car file!
  • Fixes to the PR Hub file and fixes for the PR Hub file and ackermann for the scripting.
  • Change to corner determination algorithm to allow it to deal with the S/F Straight being placed on a corner.
  • Changes to the track replay simulation
  • There was a bug even with the safeties off it would fix on the inferred yaw rate.
  • Slip angle limits have been increased.
  • DIL inputs have been added to the track replay to model greater fidelity
  • Very useful for comparing setup changes.
  • Changes incorporated for CSim DIL to incorporates with a MOOG motion platform.
  • Tweaks to the shared memory.
  • Grip Scale Factor Fix for the scripting
  • Used Tyre Energy added to the data acquistion across LTS, DIL and track replay.
  • Used Tyre Energy wear maps are added to the tyre model.